BCS Swim School offers several levels of lessons. We provided a level map below, each with links to our detailed levels page.

If your child is 4 months to 2.5 years old, please click here for more information for our Parent-Child classes.

Lessons are listed below:

Skills: Breath Control, Comfort in the Water, Proper Body Position
Skills: Backstroke Body Position, Freestyle Body Position
Skills: Floating alone for an extended period of time, extended glides
Skills: Extended glides, Rolling back into water, and proper freestyle body position
Skills: Proper backstroke kicks, proper freestyle kicks, proper freestyle body position with rolling breaths
Skills: Proper Freestyle Arms and Streamline Backstroke
Skills: Proper Side Breath and Backstroke Arms
Skills: Endurance
Skills: Proper Backstroke Kicks

Length Three

Skills: Proper Breaststroke Arms

Stroke and Development One

Skills: Proper Butterfly Kicks

Stroke and Development Two

Skills: Proper Butterfly Arms